Strawberry Pavlovas with Blueberry Coulis

My mum makes the best pavlovas for Sunday Dinner deserts.  They are a bit of a commitment though- it takes an hour of low cooking in the oven, and then if you want  to avoid cracks, leave them in the oven until it has properly cooled (3 + hours).  And don’t even think about making pavlovas unless you have an electronic whisk- I undertook that endeavour once and was stiff for days.

Strawberry Pavlovas with Blueberry Coulis

I followed Shuna Fish Lydon’s recipe posted on Simply Recipes.  It made 6 large-ish pavlovas- I made mine too big for one person, so really it makes 12 individual sized pavlovas.  Follow the instructions there.  For the filling I whipped some cream, halved some strawberries and created a blueberry coulis.

Blueberry Coulis
Enough for 12 individual Pav’s

2 Cups Blueberries
4 Tbsp Sugar
2 Tbsp Lemon Juice

Throw it all in a sauce pan and cook over low heat. If the blueberries arent breaking up, mash them up a bit. After about ten minutes, strain the blueberries and allow to cool.

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